Business process automation (BPA), also known as business automation or digital transformation is a profound concept of technology-driven automation which is used in complex business functions to achieve improved digital transformation and efficiency.

With the advancement of AI and machine learning, automation is being enabled to conduct and recognize patterns in unstructured data to cope up with the relentless environment. The proliferation of BPA in Healthcare sectors including software applications and restructured resources is used to increase service quality.

The repulsive characteristics of human-driven aspects get reduced by the major investment of BPA within Healthcare sectors. Enriched data management, PACS…

A stranger was there for all the rough talk.
Might be as dark as shadows.
Might be as passionate as a chain smoker.
But darkness could be soothing.
Could be fire.
Could be Sagittarius.
Could hallow the pure blood
But with a spoon full of Pinot Noir!
A stranger was a temporary pleasure.
For all the music.
Might be as satanic as Beherit.
Might be a traveler disguised as a Bezzie.
But illuminati could be soothing.
Could be fire.
Could be Sagittarius.
Could hallow the pure soul
But with a spoon full of Pinot Noir!

A star was lost.
From the very procrastination to the very execution.
A star used to shine.
Look at him closely
How dense his hair is.
Feels like that rage of the sun rays brought to the glasses.
Like a star
He was born.
Yet he used to hide
Under his embarrassment.
Rather than months and years
It took him light years to meet again.
But just like stars.
He used to be hers.
Look at him,
How indifferent his eyes are.
Feels like that rage of the heart that broke her to million pieces.

Part of our emotions are like balcony.
Standing outside from the road corner would be great.
Having a mega cup of coffee or choking.
A little bit of sugar or sunshine and
mix them perfectly.
The taste might disappoint.
But the way people perceive will cover up eventually.

No wonder water is there all left out, being shady.
And sweaty.
And gross.
Because just like emotions, water was always there to meet the thirst.
And when people have something without obstacles, indifference is mandatory.

Part of our emotions are like our private parts.
Showing a part of it.
Like cleavage, is brave enough.
But being naked about those thoughts is always
Because part of our emotions are like hypocrisy.
We choose people not to choose us!

So recently I have been studying about automobiles a lot. Here is a minor part of my research on automobile problems and solutions. I have taken the references from various sites and medias and I am undoubtedly grateful to them. Automobile is getting interesting for me day by day!



Major Reasons:

1. Dead Light Bulb

2. Faulty Turn Signal Switch

3. Blown Out Fuse

4. Oxidation On Bulb Sockets

For more

1. ommon-causes-of-turn-signal-problems/

2. ommon-causes-of-turn-signal-problems/


1. gnosis#:~:text=Note%3A%20Normally%2C%20you%20are%20de aling,Turn%20Signal%20Flasher’%20further%20down. 2.

2. Turn Signals Don’t Blink — SHORT IN TURN SIGNAL WIRING

Major Reasons:

1. osis#:~:text=VI.-,Turn%20Signals%20Don’t%20Flash,a%20bad%20tur n%20signal%20switch.

2. on-causes-of-turn-signal-problems/

“Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby”

-George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, critic, polemicist, and political activist

As for now, hobbies have been considered a regular task that is done for amusement, usually during leisure time and not professionally. But with the rapid growth of competition and complications, hobbies have been an ideal example for recreation and remuneration as well nowadays. …

Covid 19 has been a major occurrence in this year 2020. Though Covid-19 has been an unusual affliction of nowadays , people are now starting to coexist with the new microscopic inhabitants. Experts are trying hard to find the cures , scientists

are getting puzzled at every moment. Whereas data science is the one fighting against the pandemic every single moment. Now,

What is data science?

Data science is the sector of study that combines domain expertise, programming, mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful perceptions from information and technology.

How data science is related to Covid 19?

Here are the…

Time Lapse Photography of Blue Lights Free Stock Photo (

The modern era is very dependent on various online platforms to function efficiently. These platforms are essential to connect employees together to keep the economy going, especially in this time of an ongoing pandemic. This situation also opens up opportunities for cybercriminals and hackers to steal or misuse other users’ data or information. Leakage of data, also known as data breach, is therefore a primary concern for industries and firms worldwide. For developers all over the world, verifying the data security steps is crucial before they can implement their software or websites to the world.

Twitter is one of the…

As if suddenly time has stopped turning pages on,
I got scared,
My words are getting trumbled every second.
The poems that I have taken inside
Are absolutely being burdens beforehand
the second that I thought,
If this is the end.
For if my pride is not there to solve and allay.
In the meantime of sorrow and collapse and alcohol,
I look behind,
I read,
I sense,
I perceive.
And I shiver again.
For if my pride is not there to hold me,
For if the darkness ever start on growing,
For if my love is not there to tell me,
“You are a sunflower”,
For if there is no hope to joy and aspire,
I will rise like a sun,
Burn into ashes every pages that hunt
Me down,
I will read,
I will sense,
I will perceive and
I will shiver again.

I take the red bottle on my hands. The brush that I brought from the local store, I use them on myself. Painting on the walls couldn’t satisfy me so I tried them upon myself. Just like the balmy days of late summer, they calm me down.

Is that how color appeases people?

I don’t have any answer. But I guess my question is not valid in the first place because people don’t fall for the colors, rather they fall for the way colors allay with their mind. …

Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.

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