Data Science Vs Covid-19

Roy Aishwarjyo
4 min readFeb 23, 2021


Covid 19 has been a major occurrence in this year 2020. Though Covid-19 has been an unusual affliction of nowadays , people are now starting to coexist with the new microscopic inhabitants. Experts are trying hard to find the cures , scientists

are getting puzzled at every moment. Whereas data science is the one fighting against the pandemic every single moment. Now,

What is data science?

Data science is the sector of study that combines domain expertise, programming, mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful perceptions from information and technology.

How data science is related to Covid 19?

Here are the reasons why we can say Covid 19 is also a data science issue.

1. The rise of big data has opened the opportunity for the researchers and clinicians. The data scientists working in public health examine the real-time data acquisition and analysis of high-resolution data which they get from their co-workers. Diseases like coronavirus can be misleading in the primary stages. Hence the hospital and management must try to record the disease progression. The records are intended to focus on morbidity and mortality which makes it easier to understand the actual situation. Here it should be acknowledged that the reports are not about how many people are actually affected but how many people are forming reports of their diseases. So, the reports play a vital role to predict the future.

2. After the prediction, the assumption of the exponential growth curve at the primary stage might change because of the rapid change of the environment and other factors. This is why continual monitoring is important. Several data modeling are used to support the argument for specific public health policies as some of the models might be useful in this case. Here data science is required to develop the models because that will help us to understand which model is more useful. The outcome of the models will convey which decisions are taken right and should be taken to fight back.

Data reliability and testing is much important as the more tests are done, the more cases will be able to be detected

3. Data visualization is an important fact also. Infographics and representation data visually is helpful to find a way to put the raw numbers into

perspectives. Interactive and continually updated information sources which pursue the latest data is also important as it helps people to keep updated with the latest information. The more people are aware about the issue , the more it will be easier to fight back with the disease. Data science powers forecasting and simulations which enable to find an easier way to fight against Covid-19.

4. Data science is helping in

● Research

● Diagnosing

● Monitoring

As the disease is getting deadly, the need of vaccines is nothing but a necessity now. But the discovery of a new vaccine is a complicated and time consuming process . Data science is helping researchers to find the possible drugs. Today, as predicted, Remdesivir is being touted as a possible treatment for COVID-19, but it

is still not declared as a cure. As finding a drug needs a systematic approach, data science is a better option to get a positive outcome.

5. The cloud computing resources and supercomputers also play an important role for this pandemic. Researchers and scientists are using different tech companies such as Tencent, DiDi, and Huawei to hasten the development of the vaccine. Manual calculations won’t be an effective solution hence these systems as well as model solutions are getting used.

And this is how, data science is fighting back against CORONA this year and will continue till we find a solution.

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