The girl had been taken to the valley. She was not going to be there anymore.The workers were watching her with all their trembling heart.This was the time when people would not be there for people.A time when everyone would follow the demons inside their soul. Demon was going stronger and stronger.

The little girl just wanted to live.The workers didn’t want that.A girl who has nothing, no innocence in her face, no beauty in her body, no mystery in her soul shouldn’t be lived. Come on. Survival is not that cheap. You have to be either strong or captivating or enchanting,whichever one you like. But you can’t be a disappointment. The Demon felt pity for the girl. He didn’t let her die. He held her hand and took her away..At night he cuddled her to sleep. He was there for the whole night when everyone was asleep. And when the girl was at her deep sleep he would whisper in her eyes -

“You are beautiful,my little angel”