As Rayin went to the kitchen, he find himself totally lonely. He had to make his dinner now. Because his father was dead and his mother could not cook for him then. Well, he knew something like that would happen but didn’t want to be frightened about that.
So he took the expired bread from fridge and made a sandwich for himself. He was not sad. At all.He was not depressed or despairing or anything. The only thing that hit him hard was, the room of his father. The bed which was always associated with his father. The smell of the medicines, the sad vibes of the room, the old songs that his father used to listen, the chaos that he would like to make with his mother. Rayin held one of the books of his mother and went to the balcony. Suddenly he started to remember that line,

“Son,when will I die?”

Rayin started to cry. With all his heart he cried and cried. But there was no single tear in his eyes. But he cried.