Roy Aishwarjyo
4 min readJan 13, 2021


When we were born, we didn’t have any dreams. None of us would have the idea of freedom, the idea of knowing how accomplishment feels, we didn’t know how it feels to love, to be loved, to have cognizance. That null empty life that a child did have perhaps, no matter how people might appreciate that feeling to be near a child, the child itself couldn’t even imagine how heavenly their existence felt . Right before our eyes, the child starts to grow, starts to have feelings and emotions, starts to dream and hope, starts to fight over this cruel world.

The significance of having a life starts to fade away every time we face the consequence of being alive, being a part of the cycle. To reinforce the glory that our prestigious predecessor had, we learned to try and give our absolute efforts to attain success and eminence. Every time the society tries to recover the long lost potential of being a capable emerging community, it deprives the freedom of choosing options for our well being. Although for having the pleasure of a harmonious life, we keep trying to push forward for a better outcome, for being a better person to society, for being the savior of our loved ones at times perhaps.

That’s the time when it becomes hard to accept the fact that life itself has been meaningless this whole time as we can’t always get what we want even if we try our best. This might start with those long sleepless nights thinking about how life might have been better if there were someone particular with us but we couldn’t take the moment to think of an excruciating life with them and eventually we did let them go. That might be that designation we were looking forward to but couldn’t get because someone out there had the privilege to be more capable, to belong to a supportive considerate family or just had the dominance of being rich. It might be moving on further by letting the past go which include some special moments, some singular people, who are not going to come back. Every time we think of letting those moments or people go that we intended to have but never achieved, life seems to get harder each time.

Moreover, what even is the point, if certain things are already written?

Eventually we will die and people might remorse for us for a month or two. Then everything goes back to normal. The birds would still keep chirping, the sun would still rise and shine, our partners would still get new attire or a new partner as well, mothers would eat, sleep and live. Those heavy nights, when we couldn’t even think of having a vacation as we were bound to get the tasks done to make sure everyone around us could have a comfortable life, would be meaningless just after our death. All those dreams we had to serve our nation would be replaced by some other servants right after our departure. Those dreams that couldn’t be fulfilled because of responsibilities over our head, those memories that we wished to kiss the person, we would never be able to talk to would be unspoken forever as we would be gone.

Life, dreams, hopes and memories, with all those, a particular individual would be gone but the universe wouldn’t take a glance to look at him. This cruel world, where he would lost his dreams, his people, his passion and intensity , he would lose again and again just to be alive, We will see that nasty abominable society where people would run for currency rather than carcass, people would choose iniquity over rectitude and yet proceed to continue with this battle.

Does this make us a failure? Does everything we do turn to mean nothing after death? Does that make us an absolute disgrace to resume with this pointless fighting with falsification? What is the value of a life then? Where the purpose of a life lies then? Did our predecessor live an irrational life with erroneous values after all?

There is no absolute answer for that. But as survival is the ancient method of life, we need to keep trying until our last breath. We need to remember every soul that took its last breath thinking about the betterment of humanity. We will give their sacrifices meaning by compromising our lives reassuring the supremacy of human beings. We need to fight because our life was meant to be served for the people of our community even if there is only one person remaining . We need to fight for every last dream we have dreamt of to fulfill because that’s what the human beings are supposed to do. We need to recover every scar to get another because humans are not there to give up.

Humans are not there to sit and bawl. Because humans fight, because humans rebel against all odds no matter how much time it takes to enhance again. Because humans are the superior one to build devotion, serenity, compassion and values again and again as long as there is only one person left alive. Because humans were born to be fighters.

Because humans are fighters.



Roy Aishwarjyo

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