Roy Aishwarjyo
2 min readJul 29, 2020

As Covid-19 didn’t find any other things to do except staying for a straight five months and long, I lost my girl. It isn’t new. A few years ago, I lost a kitty who used to stuck with me for no reason and I used to stare at her like a mom.. She died as the mother passed away and she didn’t have any food, became so weak that died in front of my door,
( watching the closed door maybe?) I woke up at morning and saw her with a tired , exhausted face and the eyes were not even closed though. I don’t cry for the death of a person. As the human beings have always disappointed me in many ways, I don’t find anything even when they are dead. I don’t cry. I am comfortable being in easy, sad state. For the days of school to now university, these, non human beings have been my best friends.

And it is unfair to loose them over and over again. Now I don’t have to water her every morning, don’t need to take a picture that how she is growing and getting big, how she is becoming a mom, after cleaning every single part of her body I used to put her in a different tub sometimes, now I don’t need a water bottle, I don’t need a tub, I don’t have to bother whether I took care of her or not.
I guess she survived for a long time, waiting for me to come over there and took her in my lap, as I always do, to bring her home, safely. She died waiting for me ,just like the kitten died at night , waiting for me to come, to take her and to love her.
They say, some people don’t deserve to be loved. I say, some people don’t deserve to love.
I will miss you ,remember I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t think this would take this time long. And I will always love you like the way I loved you when you were alive.
You will always be the most comfort for me.

Your irresponsible Friend.



Roy Aishwarjyo

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