Roy Aishwarjyo
2 min readJun 17, 2020

So Mr. Jaman is feeling sick. He did know that something is wrong with his daughter. But didn’t know what is the matter exactly. As now he is having wine, his mind is fresh now. He is tossing his head pertly and smiling up at his daughter. Raima is in his room now.

- Can you please sit down for a while Raima?

- Yes Dad. What’s the matter?

-Yeah that’s the concern.Will you tell me?

Raima remains silent.

-I see. You don’t talk much nowadays. Is there something I should know?

Raima feels hopeless. All her life she has been ignored, she has been compared with her sister poorly, she has been the extra part of the family that she didn’t want to be. Her father loves to brag to all that his elder daughter is a doctor. On the contrary, Raima has always been the disappointment of the family so she is befuddled by the complicated situation now.

Why is her father trying to adore her ?

In a time, when she has decided to give up finally. Suddenly everything changed.

Raima replied

- Everything is okay Baba. After a long time she called him that.

Mr.Jaman doesn’t seem to be relaxed but he doesn’t force Raima. He says,

-You can share with me if there is anything you want to.

Raima nodded her head in agreement and leaves.

She comes back to her room and throws away all the sleeping pills there. She starts to read her favorite novel after a long long time, with a smile.



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