Roy Aishwarjyo
1 min readAug 15, 2020


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What happens when your pain becomes your peace?

What calms your mind does create a storm in your head.

Have you got colors in your eyes?

Or black is the one that could find you sunrise?

What happens when your closest one becomes your enemy?

What happens when your first love can’t realize your agony?

Do you get over when nothing helps you to get over again?

Or becoming a part of you has nothing to do with this rain?

What happens when your own love wishes for your death?

What reunites you to your forever loneliness?

Can you come over those obstacles for sure?

Or does that mean nothing could rhythm you which is pure.

Can you pass that heartbreak to someone else?

Or talking to your friends can ever be the solution to ease?

Does love ever end with being apart?

Or does it reshape in hatred to be a part?

What happens when you find you have none to trust again?

Do you have any colors in your dream to begin?

Starting again has stopped for you long ago.

It’s time for all to be cursed by love like before.



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