As far now, I have been writing for several groups,print and social medias about life, people and their correlation with each other. The contents were mostly about regular life and thoughts.

Now as I am a Computer Science student I am intended to write about the beauty of Computer Science. Most of the primary students of our country are interested in making Software, Gaming apps, Web Development and Artificial Intelligence. For some of them, coding is nothing but a waste of time as they can directly access to the ready made software projects and templates.

However, Data Structure and Algorithms are being neglected by the students and they basically jump into the programming language to learn code and implement them which ultimately disappoint them. They don’t feel themselves worthy enough and go for alternative sectors as they don’t feel attracted to the coding anymore.

To solve the issue I am going to write some basic concepts about programming language such as the use of variables, classes, functions and others in a friendly way.

I hope I can inspire some of my younger brothers and sisters to go for programming and understand the beauty that lies in there. Because once you notice the beauty of coding, you just can’t unsee it.

Happy programming!

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.