Roy Aishwarjyo
2 min readMay 14, 2020


Shan is sitting there waiting for Him. He knows He will come here anytime.

Shan knows He is summoned every time there is something needs to be gone. Needs to be disappeared.And finally, the time arrives.

He comes.

Shan is feeling confused.Should he be scared? Should he be upset?

He should be upset, Shan thinks.But it feels like He is a friend of Shan.Nothing to be afraid of Him.Nothing to be scared of Him.He asks,

-Are you ready to go?

- Always.

Shan replied.

- Are you sure?

He seems confused.Nobody has ever been this comfortable with Him.He doesn’t know how to react.

-Yes, absolutely.Shall we go?

Shan asks.

He thinks and thinks. Shan seems ignorant.As always. He assumes there is something wrong within Shan.

He asks again.

- Don’t you feel scared? You will be disappeared forever.

- I don’t mind.

- You will no longer be able to meet your beloved wife!

-It’s okay.

- Why! Why is it okay! Don’t you love them!

- Yes I do.

- Then??

- But I love Him more than anything.

After hearing this from Shan, he was stunned. For a moment. But then of course for He surely knew that someday it will happen.

So He smiles. Takes his hands out and says.

- Let’s go my friend.

Shan leaves with a smile.



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