Roy Aishwarjyo
2 min readJul 25, 2020


I see people going crazy every single day.

Slaughtering animals in a decent way

They haunt them with great masculine power


Have you seen the wisdom that we shower

Everyday saying that we should be kind

Gentle towards anyone even if we find


This hatred that we have among ourselves

We murder babies

We rape womans

Then I pray to be in Heaven

Holy books are there to guide me, not in vein

I will be coming and coming pushing my body

Over yourself and wipe out all the tragedy

Because I am man and I believe in revenge

For mother nature is getting into us and this vengeance

I hope for a day when my mind won’t be there at all.

I will be killing anyone and being a sadistic psychopath called?

Who are you to stop me when I am not alone.

I will go far away to fulfill my dream let alone

raping babies and pushing them towards walls.

Cutting them inside their heart and find the ultimate pulse!

I will cut the limbs into parts by parts

And I will dance into Carbon dioxide, sounds harsh?

I will fill everyday with toxin and oils

That I quench out from Iraq and their wells.

The babies would cry out of hunger and fear.

Bombs would be falling and it would be a nightmare.

I will be making love with my wife

Telling her to do it hard as nothing sloppy is better.

I am a man and I can do it all alone.

You can’t stop me as someday

We all are going to be blown.



Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.