Part of our emotions

Roy Aishwarjyo
Mar 10, 2021


Part of our emotions are like balcony.
Standing outside from the road corner would be great.
Having a mega cup of coffee or choking.
A little bit of sugar or sunshine and
mix them perfectly.
The taste might disappoint.
But the way people perceive will cover up eventually.

No wonder water is there all left out, being shady.
And sweaty.
And gross.
Because just like emotions, water was always there to meet the thirst.
And when people have something without obstacles, indifference is mandatory.

Part of our emotions are like our private parts.
Showing a part of it.
Like cleavage, is brave enough.
But being naked about those thoughts is always
Because part of our emotions are like hypocrisy.
We choose people not to choose us!



Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics, project management, research and editing.