I take the red bottle on my hands. The brush that I brought from the local store, I use them on myself. Painting on the walls couldn’t satisfy me so I tried them upon myself. Just like the balmy days of late summer, they calm me down.

Is that how color appeases people?

I don’t have any answer. But I guess my question is not valid in the first place because people don’t fall for the colors, rather they fall for the way colors allay with their mind. I slowly painted myself with the color that worked somehow as a mild anaesthetic.

How ironic !

I had to lie to myself for once again that to conceal the pain, people need to be the pain. I looked at him, he was there lying beside the door. I severed his nerves so part of his body is dead now. I smiled at him but he replied with a loathsome voice,

“ You poor filthy soul!”

I watched him going outside before. Just like every usual day. Drawing and walking around in the park, sitting like a street dog waiting for an opportunity to get laid. I knew him, I guess pretty well. After catching him with her, I followed him everywhere he went now and then. Most girls would like to cry and beg , might confront their partner pretty badly. I couldn’t do that. Perhaps, I am better off dead now. I can run and hide but I can not forget the fact that he chose someone out there over me after everything. He came back in the evening after finishing his office tasks, kissed me on my forehead to calm me down. I also kissed him with passion and proceeded for more. As always he couldn’t deny.

There is a dark themed room we have created for our quality time long before. I told him about the idea and he agreed to do so. Red is my favorite color. More precisely red wine, so we used red all over the wall. It is the color of distress, torment and gloominess. Just like our lives. After a few moments of entering the room, I put my knife over his head and he was laughing like a little kid. How heavenly it felt after relieving his dejected soul by cutting his arms one by one that sparked a blood bath. I kept his blood on a bottle to paint. The bottle of glass, the blood inside there. It’s red and it felt pleasant again.

Is that how color appeases people?




A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.

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Roy Aishwarjyo

Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.

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