Rhythms of Fear

Roy Aishwarjyo
1 min readAug 25, 2020

I call my name with utmost sadness as

I know there is no hope anymore.

People fly away and cut me off with their heartiest hatred.

I cry my heart out whatever and whichever reasons for

My relaxation and compensations.

I have been cursed by my love dear!

I no longer hope to see it and bear

That broken heart further anymore.

So never let it come within you, fear of losing ,

Fear of being culpable.

Because I

no longer want to be sentenced in life.

No more tears for heaven in there,

No more flowers and chocolates and rhythms of fear.

I will be left alone with my guitar at the corner watching Pride and Prejudice.

And you.

You keep begging for my death and I will keep playing with my wrath.

Death has no right over me anymore



Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics, project management, research and editing.