Roy Aishwarjyo
2 min readJun 21, 2020

Bela is sick today. She is having severe headache and can’t move at all. She is waiting for the maid to come. As Saira is playing now, she is not paying much attention to her mother. Suddenly Bela calls Nil. She tells him to come home for a while. Nil is not surprised at all. Whenever Bela is sick she tries to seek attention a lot. He just comforts Bela and tells her that he can’t come right now. Bela cuts the phone with anger. Whatever, Nil isn’t bothered at all. The maid comes. Bela tells her what needs to be done and all. Distress is something that influences people too fast. The maid understands something is bothering Bela. She asks,

- What happened Bela?
- Nothing just a headache. Will you stay for longer today?
- Yeah, sure. So tell me what to cook now?
- Just make soup for Saira today. I won’t eat.
- Okay.

So Jamila makes soup and and plays with Saira for sometime.
It’s evening now. Time for Saira to have her milk. So Jamila asks Bela if there is anything further to do.Bela says no. Saira is playing there. She notices her mom is not talking much to her today. She understands Bela is sick, or maybe hungry. So she starts her tantrum. Bela is tired. She asks Jamila to play with Saira. But Saira starts to scream then.

-What is the matter?
-I will not have my milk unless you are drinking with me.
-What are you talking about Saira!
- You always let me have the milk alone. I don’t like milk. Today you need to have it too.
-Okay okay. Don’t cry baby.

So Jamila is playing with Saira now. Saira has finished her milk and is looking cheerful.
Jamila asks her in deep and soft voice.
-Hey baby, you look so jolly huh?
-At least I made mom drink the milk.

Saira replied with her beautiful smile.



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