Stitch by stitch

Roy Aishwarjyo
Jan 16, 2021


She is like a mysterious song,

Ravishing but makes sure to distract

From holy hell,

Stitch by stitch

From heaven’s hallway.

Every moment she sinks you

Into blood’s bath

And you can’t deny no way.

When every last bit of the light

Storming you inside,

You enjoy every bite.

She is like a glass of Malbec

Satin is nothing to her

But the more you look,

As if heaven falls from her tears,

You swallow the pain.

There all you see

As of fire and rubies.

And when she dresses

like a whore,

you must remember

There is a leviathan

You made her,

You kept making

Stitch by stitch!



Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics, project management, research and editing.