The only time of the day when Adi doesn’t feel good is midnight. The time when everyone is asleep. Everyone is busy in their dreams. Everyone is happy or sad or nothing. An individual like him should not be so much complicated, he thinks. His family is not problematic, he is not a bad guy, he has no worries, his family is supportive. his parents are great. Still there is something missing that took him to a part of another dimension. There, he is waiting for some miracles, so he can relate to someone, so he can sing his favorite metal at full volume, so he can scream like hell,so he can try and try to be a part of him,of himself. The time of that dimension, he thinks he is a disappointment , he is a failure, he has no one even though he has everyone. He thinks and thinks but can not find any solution. Is he depressed? No. He doesn’t think so. Is he angry? Is he sad? Is he sick? He doesn’t know. He doesn’t want to know. So he starts searching for a home. A home where he can sleep,with peace. A home where he can talk what makes him sad, which color he uses when he doesn’t want to use any color , which spider movie he enjoyed the most. A home where he can talk about the girl who broke his heart, the teacher with whom he started to be alive, the music teacher who never listened to him and forced him to be into classical even though he wanted to be into heavy music. A home where he can complain, A home where he can be himself. Just a home he needed every single midnight

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.