To the girl for herself

Roy Aishwarjyo
1 min readJun 10, 2020


It Is not your fault to be in love.

For love is not something to be cried for,

You can have your imperfections

You can also have therefore

All the fascinations that you have in your mind,

That dirty thoughts that please you,

That comfort that you find

Was meant to be, that’s nothing new.

You knew this was not supposed to be,

For how long would you take?

shiny little diamonds too have

gone through this.

but they are not fake.

That pain from which you are healing

Are making you even stronger.

That sunlight just came in

But nobody notices like you,


Are lights that buried in

Could be more ferocious, could be deeply

Sunk in.

That blood in your eyes for

The people you have been crying for

Will suffocate in their breathing or

You will bury them deep down, in core.

You know He won’t let you

To win or to fight more

But only if he knew that

You are the purpose, you are hardcore.

For how long he will persecute you?

Won’t he mend his ways?

Well, too late to be kind

His realization is too late!



Roy Aishwarjyo

A Computer Science and Engineering student. Interested in Computer Science, business analytics ,research and editing.