- Sooo, do you think there is something between us?
-Do you think there is something between us?
- Why do you have to talk so much Ayan! I don’t understand..
-Okay okay.
- What are you thinking Raima?
- I go for a walk every day. I see people walking fast, very fast. They are busy. Really busy with their life.
- Hmm.. Do you love seeing people?
-Yes. A lot.

-Can you pass me the Bag please?
- Right there. What’s that?
- You can see it’s a bag Ayan.
- Yeah, but what’s in there?
-Will you please shut up? Stop asking me questions okay?
-Okay okay.
- I will take you to my balcony one day.
- Really!
-Yes. But you have to adjust in my bag for that.
- Hmm. I think I will manage. I am not too big for your kitty bag. Right Raima?
-Will you please shut up?
- Okay okay.

They start walking again on the same road. For they surely know the road is beautiful, whatever the destination is.