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We have heard the term “Variable” in our primary education level a lot. For most of us, variables are those who can change their value.

Well, to some extent, the definition of variables in a programming language is the same. But as a computer science student you have to know what is going on there inside your device regarding this variable.

Variable is a name given to a storage area that is used to store values of various data

Now, let us assume that we have a notebook and we need to place the notebook on a table. The notebook has a name. And it contains some space to store the notebook.You can write whatever you want in the notebook. Here, the notebook is the variable. The table is the computer.

The place where we are placing the notebook on the table or the address we are using to put the book is the memory address.

The content of the book is the value here. You can write or update your writings there. In the same way you can store values in a variable also.

We can directly access the book by using the name of the book or we can use the reference of the specific location on the table of the book.

So the variable in programming language contains two parts :

  1. Symbolic Name (the name of the notebook) that contains some quantity of information (the content of the notebook like whatever is written on that notebook by you)

2. Memory Address/ Storage Address (the exact location of the notebook)