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- So how are you? Raima asks.
- Good as usual. Ayan replies. He didn’t ask her back. Raima is used to that so she just ignores that.

In her whole life, Raima was the one who loved to avoid people, avoid questions and answers. Then Ayan comes and there is this one of the bewildering assortment of love, hatred and ignorance that appeared in Raima’s life.

Raima is mad and inexplicable. She doesn’t know about herself much , doesn’t even want to know about herself anymore. The only person with whom Raima has been in the need for some congenial company was and parheps is Ayan.
The relationship that lasted for a short time, that she had with Ayan, nobody really understands that. People were being agitated as they couldn’t see the apprehension among them. So they were just getting irritated. Raima sits besides Ayan.

And they start to talk again. Just like the way they talked years before. Even though most of the things were changed, certain parts were same.
Ayan played the same role he played years ago. Numb, insensate and impatient. No questions for Raima still wants the conversation to continue. And Raima was playing the variable as always. The variable that changes for some bases. But for Raima the base was just singular. Time flies but this constant infatuation that she has for Ayan, nothing, no one could ever change that.

So Ayan listens all the stories of the past years that Raima spent without him. He replied after a while as he can’t be silent with Raima for long.
- You are mad.
-Hmm. Raima keeps silent.

But she is running and running in her head and in her mind. She knows she is falling. Again,but she will handle it like always.
- You were always mad.
- Yes. Absolutely.

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