Why should Friends matter to you?

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It frustrates me when people speak with unnecessary hyperbole about their perception of love and being loved.I guess if people can’t love themselves, there is no point to tell them how much we love them, which is quite disappointing and frustrating sometimes. But we will keep trying as a good friend, maybe?

Is it too difficult to undergo your profound thoughts and accept them?

Please don’t disappoint your friends by being vulnerable. Don’t be sad over some stupid breakups or clumsy issues. Take care of your parents and families. Go out with your friends (wearing masks for now obviously social distance matters ) and let your soul breath. You are not born to please others. You are not born to cry over someone who left your side long long ago for stupid reasons. Don’t cry over for someone who can’t handle the responsibilities towards you and himself also. Your life also matters just like them. And if you want to cry for someone please cry for our mother nature. She is standing with us even though you didn’t even care a little bit for her. Don’t you think this cohesion will make us free one day? Just a random thought 🖤

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